JxDocument - Enrich your Java App with all the benefits from PDF documents!

Date 2014/10/16 1:08:53 | Topic: Product News

TeamDev announces the release of JxDocument — a brand new product, designed to make displaying PDF documents in Java apps as easy as a pie.

JxDocument is a Java Swing library that allows viewing PDF documents in Java Swing applications. If you need to display PDF documents (licenсe agreements, bills, reports, etc.) in your Java application or extract information from them, then JxDocument is what you need. This library provides totally lightweight Swing component that you can embed into any Swing container to display PDF pages. JxDocument enables easy conversion of PDF pages to Java images, getting information about the number of pages, as well as reading text from PDF documents. Take a look at a short sample of how it is now easy to load a PDF document using our library:

import com.teamdev.jxdocument.Document;
import java.io.File;
* The sample demonstrates how to load PDF document from specified file and
* print number of pages.
public class LoadDocumentSample {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
       File file = new File("C:\\TeamDev.pdf");
       // Load PDF document from specified file
       Document document = new Document(file);
       // Print total number of pages in the loaded document
       System.out.println("Page Count: " + document.getPageCount());
       // Close document to release all allocated resources and memory

To get a deeper insight into the product please visit JxDocument page.

See also JxDocument Support site for documentation and code samples.


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