Snowflake Reinvents the Data Warehouse for the Cloud

Date 2014/10/21 10:14:53 | Topic: Company News

Snowflake Computing announced the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse™, the first data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud. Based on a patent-pending new architecture, Snowflake's cloud service delivers the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud -- at a 90 percent lower cost than on-premises data warehouses.
While data and the way it is used have changed dramatically, traditional data warehouses remain too complex, inflexible and expensive. At the same time, newer "big data" platforms still require the specialized expertise of operations and data science experts. Because none of these solutions were designed for the cloud, they are unable to leverage the full power of cloud computing.

Introducing the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse
Snowflake was founded by a team of veteran experts in database technology who saw the need and the opportunity to reinvent data warehousing. They shared a vision to make it possible to bring together all users, all data and all workloads in a single data warehouse, without compromising performance, flexibility or ease of use.

The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse is an all-new data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud. Its patent-pending architecture decouples data storage from compute, making it uniquely able to take advantage of the elasticity, scalability and flexibility of the cloud. As a native relational database with full support for standard SQL, Snowflake empowers any analyst with self-service access to data, which enables organizations to take advantage of the tools and skills that they already have.

"Data warehousing is a market ripe for innovation," said Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake. "Today's solutions are based on architectures that date back almost 30 years. While data analytics can transform organizations, the infrastructure requirements are prohibitive. The cloud enables a different approach, but that requires the vision and the technical ability to start from scratch. From day one, Snowflake focused on creating a software service that brings together both transactional and machine-generated data for deeper insight and business understanding. Snowflake has reinvented the data warehouse for everyone."

The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse uniquely delivers:
* Data warehousing as a service. Snowflake eliminates the pains associated with managing and tuning a database. That enables self-service access to data so that analysts can focus on getting value from data rather than on managing hardware and software.
* Multidimensional elasticity. Unlike existing products, Snowflake's elastic scaling technology makes it possible to independently scale users, data and workloads, delivering optimal performance at any scale. Elastic scaling makes it possible to simultaneously load and query data because every user and workload can have exactly the resources needed, without contention.
* Single service for all business data. Snowflake brings native storage of semi-structured data into a relational database that understands and fully optimizes querying of that data. Analysts can query structured and semi-structured data in a single system without compromise.

The Snowflake team brings decades of experience from companies including Actian, Cloudera, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Teradata, and holds over 120 patents. In a separate announcement today, Snowflake also disclosed $26 million in funding from leading venture capital firms including Redpoint Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Wing Ventures.

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