Verivo Introduces Akula v2.5 Enterprise Mobile Application Platform

Date 2014/10/21 10:30:16 | Topic: Product News

Verivo Software, the industry's only open enterprise mobile application platform provider, today announced Akula 2.5, which improves enterprise readiness with additional authentication options, and support for large data sets. With upgrades to all aspects of its open, extensible platform, Akula 2.5 offers client, server and console improvements that appeal to developers and IT managers alike.
Akula 2.5 enables IT departments to secure and govern mobile services and applications while allowing development teams to access and reuse these services leveraging the front-end tools of their choice. New features in Akula 2.5 include:

Server Upgrades:
* Server Auditing -- records of all server management changes, logins and logouts;
* OAuth for backend connections -- provides connection to data sources that require authentication via the OAuth protocol;
* Hot deploy -- allows deployments of new apps or updates to existing apps to the server without restarting Akula.

Client Upgrades:
* OAuth for primary app login -- enables mobile app authentication via Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others;
* Large data downloads -- splits large data downloads from the server to mobile clients into smaller pieces so that mobile devices can receive and process large amounts of data using limited resources as well as pause and resume for large downloads. 

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