Eclipse Announces Cloud Development Industry Initiative

Date 2014/10/28 10:10:18 | Topic: Company News

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce a new industry initiative to create the technologies, platforms, and tools necessary to enable the delivery of highly integrated cloud development and cloud developer environments. This new initiative will establish an open source community dedicated to cloud development tools, with over 65 developers and 8 companies participating by providing committers and by investing resources. Codenvy, IBM, Pivotal and SAP will staff the steering committee of the new Eclipse Cloud Development top-level project (ECD).
Cloud computing has changed how applications are deployed and consumed, but developers have struggled with a disparate blend of desktop and cloud services that don’t work together or share the same standards or protocols. Developers require an open, modern, and integrated set of technologies that can be used to provision cloud development platforms, create cloud developer environments, and support the interaction of clients (such as IDEs) with distributed services. The ECD initiative will deliver services and tools for cloud orchestration of IDEs, build systems, continuous integration, code assistants, and debugging.

The Eclipse Cloud Development top-level project encompasses three areas of work:
* Industry-Oriented Developer Environments. Providing industry-oriented solutions based upon ECD building blocks.
* Platforms for Hosting & Connecting Developer Environments. Creating the technologies to host, scale, integrate, and manage developer and development environments.
* Tools to Extend Platforms. Creating the tools to build, extend and adopt these platforms for new development scenarios.

ECD will bring together existing and new cloud based projects to establish common building blocks, protocols, and APIs to facilitate interoperability. The initial projects hosted by ECD include
* Eclipse Orion - a cloud IDE with services for JavaScript and dynamic languages
* Eclipse Flux - a messaging bus that enables interoperability between desktop and cloud development tools and between development micro-services
* Eclipse Che - an extensible platform for SaaS developer environments that provisions, shares, and scales projects
* Eclipse Dirigible – a proposed project for a cloud IDE that supports a full development lifecycle of on-demand applications leveraging in-system programming models and rapid application development techniques

"Software development in the cloud is definitely a big part of the future for developer tools and services," explains Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This is why we are excited to bring together companies like SAP, Pivotal, IBM and Codenvy to collaborate on creating the building blocks to enable the next generation of software development in the cloud. This builds on the vision laid out three years ago when the Orion project was introduced at Eclipse by IBM.” 

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