Applying Java Code Conventions Using Walkmod

Date 2014/11/5 23:32:12 | Topic: Presentations

Walkmod is an open source Java tool to apply code conventions. It scans the code and instead of just reporting the invalid source files, it corrects the code automatically.

Currently, there are several QA tools, such as PMD or SonarQube for Java projects to report which source files do not follow a set of code rules. For example, we could apply rules like: "all fields must be private". However, developers need to correct all rule violations manually although the code is straightforward to correct. So, what if there are thousands of files to change or it happens frequently? Correcting code becomes a boring task.


Walkmod pursues to remove these kind of boring and repetitive tasks from the developer’s life by applying code transformations. Therefore, Walkmod makes your code more DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) compliant because code conventions are specified in just one place and all of them are applied automatically.


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