New Oracle Solaris Studio Improves Developer Productivity

Date 2014/11/13 9:17:17 | Topic: Product News

Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 enables developers to generate higher performing, reliable, and secure applications in record time. The latest release of Oracle's #1 C, C++ and Fortran development environment for Oracle systems includes dramatically enhanced software analysis tools to help developers optimize application performance and quickly identify memory errors for improved application reliability. It also includes enhanced standards-based, high performance compilers with advanced optimization capabilities, resulting in the best application performance on Oracle's newest SPARC and x86 systems.

Oracle Solaris Studio provides a complete software development environment for building enterprise applications for deployment on Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and other Linux-based systems. Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 includes support for C++ 2011, a significant update to the C++ programming language standard. It also has enhanced support for popular Boost libraries and provides compatibility with GCC shared libraries, making it easy to deliver feature-rich, portable applications.

The Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Analyzer has been completely redesigned, giving developers unprecedented insight into application performance. New features such as intuitive data organization, timeline visualization, code navigation, versatile data filtering, remote data analysis, and cross-architecture support, are available via a click of the mouse, significantly increasing developer efficiency. The Oracle Solaris Studio Code Analyzer protects applications from coding vulnerabilities, including memory leaks and memory access issues. It provides fast and accurate identification of common coding errors and includes patented technology that ranks untested functions, helping increase overall code coverage and ensure application reliability.

Oracle Solaris Studio high performance compilers support code generation for the industry's latest generation of processors, including Oracle's SPARC M6 and T5 systems, Fujitsu M10 systems, and Intel® Haswell-based systems, and deliver up to 4.8x greater performance compared to open source alternatives on industry standard benchmarks. Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 supports the OpenMP 4.0 parallel programming specification, the latest specification available from the OpenMP industry group. Most Oracle products for the Oracle Solaris platform are built using Oracle Solaris Studio, providing developers confidence they are using tools that have been thoroughly tested and optimized.

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