WANdisco Announces Seamless Integration With Cloudera Manager

Date 2014/11/20 12:49:57 | Topic: Product News

WANdisco has announced that its Non-Stop Hadoop products for Cloudera and Hortonworks now offer seamless integration with Cloudera Manager, Cloudera's administration console and the Apache Ambari management console, used by Hortonworks.
WANdisco also announced it has greatly simplified the installation process. Now its Non-Stop Hadoop solution can be deployed across multiple data centers any distance apart in less than ten minutes. Once installed, WANdisco enables Cloudera and Hortonworks to deliver:
* Continuous Hadoop availability, performance and scalability across data centers any distance apart.
* Local network speed read/write access to the same data across all locations, subject to the customer's selective replication policies.
* The ability to ingest and analyze data anywhere.
* 100% use of all compute resources so money isn't wasted on idle backup hardware.
* Cluster zoning which isolates the most resource intensive applications to the high-end servers best suited to support them, without requiring high-spec, high-cost servers throughout the cluster.

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