TenKod Announces Continuous Integration Availability for Amazon Cloud Mobile Application Testing

Date 2014/12/2 9:28:34 | Topic: Product News

TenKod has announced that their flagship product EZ TestApp is now fully compatible with Amazon AWS Cloud. This will allow developers and testers to use Amazon Cloud Virtual Machines for developing, executing, reporting and analyzing mobile applications.
EZ TestApp provides a comprehensive set of tools for mobile application testing that come with Out-of-the-Box Continuous Integration Capabilities, which allow for optimal functionality without the need for additional plugins and custom solutions, and without requiring any device jail breaking, rooting and application instrumentation. Coupled with the benefits of Amazon Cloud, EZ TestApp brings significant savings in terms of time, money and storage space, it is scalable, straightforward and provides an immediate ROI.

As TenKod CEO Asaf Saar explained, “TenKod EZ TestApp already makes developers' and testers' lives better. Now it helps your business scale better, by harnessing the power of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and testing your mobile applications in the most beneficial way for you and your organization”. Saar further adds that the greatest advantage of this new feature comes in the form of savings. “Developers can work with a grid of Virtual Machines and Mobile Emulators instead of a grid of servers with real devices. They save storage space and money, and avoid manual maintenance for servers and devices, which allows them to focus more on their business and customers, and stop wasting time worrying about the infrastructure”.

According to Saar, the process is very straightforward and takes just a few minutes, bringing the flexibility of developing and executing tests right where the developers need it. With EZ Test App, anyone can automate an end-to-end mobile application testing scenarios within minutes and scale it on the cloud. All they have to do is just connect to Amazon EC2 and reserve a virtual image, then install EZ TestApp and scale the tests, without the need for huge expensive test labs and the accompanying operating costs. “It’s the perfect way to ensure the best return of investments for your mobile application testing activities”, Saar concludes.

EZ TestApp can run on a company’s landscape the same way it does on the Amazon cloud at the price of running a simple “next-next-finish” installer. Organizations have the flexibility to decide where and how they develop and test their mobile applications, as the solution is highly flexible, providing the capability of using real devices, emulators and simulator along with physical and virtual machines.

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