Seapine Software Launches TestTrack 2015 Featuring Interactive Task Boards

Date 2014/12/15 9:56:44 | Topic: Product News

Seapine Software has launched TestTrack 2015, the latest release of its core product development management solution. Interactive task boards, which enable real-time project visibility, take center stage in this release.

“Unique to TestTrack 2015, and the market in general, is the combination of rich drag-and-drop task board functionality with an incredibly powerful workflow engine. This enables TestTrack to support agile practices, including in safety-critical-compliant environments that require electronic signatures at key state changes,” said Rick Riccetti, President and CEO of Seapine Software. “So, behind the simplicity of the task board is a flexible workflow engine that can enforce the most arduous processes. Artifact traceability, a key strength of TestTrack, is also created and maintained while working with cards, which is important to many of our customers.”

TestTrack 2015 features task boards to help development teams communicate and measure progress during a sprint, release, or other milestone. With task boards teams can:
* Organize and visualize work with cards, columns, and swimlanes
* Plan and collaborate during stand-ups, retrospectives, issue, triage, and other team meetings
* Gain real-time visibility into work at the project, sprint, and user level

"It's important to note we have not replaced the ability to work with development artifacts in list views, which is necessary to quickly manage large amounts of project information. Users can easily switch between list views and task board views in one click, based on their work context," added Riccetti.

Additional updates in TestTrack 2015 include Matrix report enhancements for a quick view of end-to-end traceability from issues to source code, new sample projects to help users jump start agile projects, and help file improvements. 

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