RadView Launches Load Testing Web Dashboard for Improved Performance Test Analysis

Date 2014/12/16 9:44:51 | Topic: Product News

RadView Software, provider of web and mobile load testing solutions launched today WebLOAD 10.2 featuring a Web dashboard for improved performance test results analysis.
The new Web Dashboard enables analyzing performance test results from any web browser or mobile device. Test and engineers and managers can collaborate and share load test results, view real-time results as load tests are running, and easily personalize dashboard views.

“With this version we are further extending WebLOAD’s load test capabilities, providing performance engineers with yet more power, flexibility and efficiency,” said Eyal Shalom, RadView CEO. “For enterprise companies focused on large-scale web load testing, we are offering a breadth and depth of functionality at a fraction of the cost of some of the leading performance testing tools.”

WebLOAD 10.2 additional features include:
* WebSockets support with full record/replay load testing capabilities
* Real mobile device load testing via integration with Perfecto Mobile
* API and WebServices load testing via JSON support
* Server-side root cause analysis via integration with Dynatrace

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