ActiveState Builds on Cloud Foundry and Docker With Release of Stackato 3.4.2

Date 2014/12/18 9:59:50 | Topic: Product News

ActiveState, an independent Cloud Foundry and Docker based PaaS provider, has announced the release of Stackato® 3.4.2, integrating a number of enhancements including the latest updates from Cloud Foundry and Docker. Meeting the needs of today's agile enterprises, Stackato allows for better flexibility, increased performance, and improved robustness.
"Stackato 3.4.2 is the most technologically advanced enterprise PaaS on the market today," says ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland. "As we continue to push our technology forward, we are continuously innovating and supporting the growing needs of increasingly agile enterprises. Companies today are concerned with rapid innovation, streamlined application delivery, and seamlessly scaling to meet end-user demand. With this, they need a robust, flexible, and reliable platform that will grow with their business. Stackato continues to be the solution that companies can rely on to build, scale, deploy, and monitor applications."

The Stackato platform provides enterprises with the tools, governance, and agility required to gain greater control and flexibility over the cloud. New features and benefits in Stackato 3.4.2 include:
* Cloud Foundry Upstream Merge: Stackato incorporates the latest stable code from the Cloud Foundry open source project ensuring the latest features, fixes, and enhancements are included.
* Docker 1.3: Stackato is now using the latest version of Docker; enhancing security, stability, and performance.
* More flexibility with Orgs and Spaces: Users are now able to reassign applications, spaces, and organizations. Users can assign an application to a different space or assign a space to a different organization.
* Quota management in console: Quota definitions can be managed and edited from the web console, therefore improving usability and providing visibility into quota limits.
* Toggle views: Users can toggle between admin and non-admin views within the web console. This allows administrators to provide clearer instructions and better troubleshooting to their end-users.
* Staging improvements: Users will now have an even better user experience when pushing applications. Stackato 3.4.2 includes significant improvements to error handling, and clearer error messages if problems do occur.
* Performance and Stability: Stackato has been thoroughly tested and hardened to ensure peak performance and stability even for the most vigorous and demanding environments.

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