WaveMaker Releases WaveMaker Cloud

Date 2014/12/18 10:01:56 | Topic: Product News

WaveMaker Inc., a leading enterprise application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) software company, today announced WaveMaker Cloud, the Docker-architected dedicated cloud platform software for the enterprise and managed service provider (MSP).
Docker containerization is gaining rapid popularity with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developers because of clear benefits such as simplified and continuous app delivery. Enterprise developers also want to leverage Docker for easy provisioning and efficient testing, but IT has unique needs that Docker does not solve out-of-the-box, such as security and access control, supporting heterogeneous infrastructure, apps and app stacks, backup and recovery, visibility and monitoring, and integration. However, if enterprise IT does not provide Docker, their developers will get Docker via public services. WaveMaker Cloud helps enterprise IT provide Docker for its developers while meeting the unique needs of enterprise IT.

WaveMaker Cloud not only helps enterprise IT deliver Docker more easily and safely for their developers for either trial or production, but also delivers critical capabilities for the enterprise on top of Docker, such as:
* Ease packaging of various app stacks. An easy UI portal interface, allows DevOps to easily configure the stack. WaveMaker Cloud auto-generates the Docker file and pushes it to a private registry for easy retrieval. Enterprise IT admins and architects can ensure the use of internally approved app stack software for better security and manageability.
* Simplify app stack and service provisioning into Docker containers.
* IT admin can define infrastructure boundaries, allocating containers to resources and assigning rights to logical cloud "shards" (e.g., for development, test, and production).
* Easy app and app stack upgrading.
* App data is stored in separate data layers for easier, operations, backup and recovery.
* Leverage containers for better resource utilization -- e.g., use container start/top speed to hibernate passive containers and re-active them when needed, without impact to user experience.
* Scale horizontally by environment for different purposes (development, test or production).
* WaveMaker Cloud's built-in load balancer auto-synchronizes new containers for rapid, easy horizontal scaling.

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