Testbirds Joins Forces with Perfecto Mobile

Date 2014/12/22 9:17:13 | Topic: Product News

Testbirds, the leading crowdtesting pioneer in Europe, and Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile application quality, has announced a partnership that combines their extensive testing expertise to further increase mobile application quality.
“With millions of apps available for download and thousands of different mobile devices on the market, testing mobile applications has become a challenging and time-consuming task. Almost half of application defects are found by end users, and some 58 percent of those defects are reported as user interface issues,” said Roi Carmel, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy at Perfecto Mobile. “Incorporating quality throughout the mobile app lifecycle has never been more crucial than it is today in creating a successful end user experience. We plan on working closely with Testbirds in order to bring together the power of crowdtesting and Perfecto Mobile’s Continuous Quality Lab to push the mobile application quality industry to the next level.”

Both companies specialize in mobile testing solutions for enterprises to test and optimize their applications. Perfecto Mobile offers the Continuous Quality Lab, their on-demand, cloud-based offering that enables the testing (automated and manual functional testing, monitoring and performance) of mobile apps under any real-world end-user condition throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle. Testbirds provides a crowd of professional testers as well as consumers, who test the applications’ usability and functionality under real-life circumstances. The crowd can be accessed via self-service or through a managed testing approach, including professional project managers who ensure quality and evaluate test results.

“We encourage enterprises to utilize different testing techniques throughout the entire development cycle,” says Philipp Benkler, Co-founder and Managing Director at Testbirds. “There are many challenges for companies in setting up a holistic mobile testing approach. We want to share our combined expertise and showcase how to gain the best results at different stages of development.” 

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