Simba Technologies Releases New ODBC 3.8 Connector for Cassandra

Date 2015/1/20 12:37:16 | Topic: Product News

Simba Technologies has announced version two of its industry-leading ODBC driver for the Apache Cassandra high-performance distributed database platform. This release breaks new ground in cross-platform connectivity: The Simba Technologies Apache Cassandra ODBC Driver is the first to extend Cassandra data access to the Mac platform. In addition, the new driver enables direct SQL query translation to the Cassandra Query Language (CQL), offering users unparalleled performance at scale.
"Data analysts need to be able to get at their data using SQL, even if that data is stored in a NoSQL Cassandra cluster," says Simba Technologies CEO Amyn Rajan. "Those analysts need more than simple data access: The new Simba Technologies Cassandra ODBC Driver can take SQL queries and actually translate them to the underlying CQL, delivering SQL query capability for NoSQL Cassandra data stores, conveniently packaged in the industry-standard ODBC driver."

The Simba Technologies Apache Cassandra ODBC Driver offers direct, universal ODBC 3.8 data access to Cassandra data stores via Cassandra's native API, with no extraction. Companies rely on Simba Technologies for ODBC connectivity. For example, Tableau Software has certified the Simba Technologies Cassandra ODBC Driver for Cassandra connectivity.

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