Embarcadero Acquires Castalia and Usertility From TwoDesk Software

Date 2015/1/20 12:45:39 | Topic: Company News

Embarcadero Technologies announced that it has acquired Castalia for Delphi and Usertility from TwoDesk Software. Embarcadero will integrate the productivity features of Castalia into RAD Studio's integrated development environment (IDE) to enhance and optimize the coding experience for both Object Pascal and C++. RAD Studio will also feature Usertility, a powerful and easy to integrate service for monitoring app usage. This acquisition delivers on Embarcadero's commitment to developer productivity by enabling RAD Studio users to get integrated support for these great third-party solutions, which will be sold and supported by Embarcadero.
"Castalia has consistently been among the most popular 3rd party Delphi IDE and Editor productivity add-ons and will now become even more tightly integrated, enhanced, and supported within RAD Studio," says Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products at Embarcadero Technologies. "The addition of Usertility app analytics will help businesses integrate app usage intelligence at an unheard of level of granularity, without the need for additional coding, and across multiple platforms and form factors."

Castalia is a premier code productivity plugin for RAD Studio with powerful IDE features that continue to make it a tool of choice for Delphi developers. The plugin provides advanced features and improvements to the IDE that make it easier and faster for developers to code and design their apps. Some of the major features include syntax highlighting, code navigation, code analysis, refactoring, templates and more advanced editing features.

Usertility is an easy-to-use component for VCL and FireMonkey that allows developers to track and analyze app usage. The tool provides metrics such as number of users, platforms, number of times an app is opened, and with which user interface elements the end user interacts. It includes a backend service with a graphical interface for data visualization and analytics. By simply adding the Usertility component into an app, developers can easily incorporate analytics with no additional coding required. Embarcadero will expand on these capabilities to provide this same functionality on mobile platforms like Android, iOS and more.

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