Tricentis and Automic Announce Global Partnership to Optimize Customer DevOps Environments

Date 2015/4/21 10:24:11 | Topic: Company News

Tricentis and Automic announced a strategic partnership to enhance Automic’s release automation product with Tricentis’ testing capabilities. The combined integrated solution will enable enterprise customers to automate the whole release process, including testing. Together, Tricentis and Automic will accelerate the application journey from development to production, while communicating with teams and systems needed at each step.
Greater automation, increased risk coverage and a lower number of test cases dramatically reduces testing time, effort and costs; all critical requirements for a fast-paced, innovative DevOps team. As a result, Tricentis is the right choice for development teams experiencing shorter time-to-market and lengthy test cycles and who are keen to adopt Agile, Continuous Development and DevOps methodologies.

Key benefits of the partnership include:
* Next generation testing: broad-based, cross-silo automation combined with model-based integration provides DevOps and release automation quickly and efficiently
* Developers, QA, Testing and Ops can leverage a single model to drive significant cost savings and reduce the time to bring new services to market
* Automated testing: a flowing continuous delivery chain from development, to QA, to staging and production

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