Applause Announces Test Automation Solution for Mobile, Wearable and Web Apps

Date 2015/5/21 8:36:25 | Topic: Product News

Applause has announced a major new addition to its suite of app quality tools and services -- Applause Test Automation. With this new offering, Applause customers can now fulfill their entire app testing portfolio with the app quality company -- from manual to automated testing for web, mobile and wearable apps.

Before today's launch, companies seeking to automate their testing faced long-term, big-money contracts with a vendor of proprietary tools and/or device access. On top of that, companies still had to create automation scripts and maintain them as their apps change. Because of this, a majority of the costs often occurred after companies had licensed the software and devices.

With the new Applause turnkey solution, companies can now get the software tools, the device access and the expert services to build and maintain a best-in-class automation solution. Applause customers simply detail their desired test scenarios, and Applause takes it from there, providing what competitors can't, including:
* One-stop shopping - Applause provides the automation framework, scripts, software, devices (shared device cloud, private device cloud, or on-premise devices) and a team of automation experts to create, maintain and adapt a custom automation solution.
* Single automation solution - Rather than having one set of tools for web apps, and another solution for mobile apps, and still another for wearables, Applause Test Automation supports a full range of browser-based and native applications.
* Freedom - After Applause creates the scripts and abstraction layer, the customer owns them. There is no lock-in to closed or proprietary technology, and no onerous long-term contractual commitments.
* Faster implementation - Companies can sign up, provide their test automation goals within days, and see positive ROI in weeks -- rather than the customary payback period of years (or all too often, never).

The framework for Applause Test Automation extends the capabilities of popular open source tools (Appium, TestNG and Selenium), enabling the Applause automation engineers to evolve scripts more quickly and keep up with the pace of change in a company's apps. Also, tests can be run on iOS, Android and web from the same framework.

Detailed features of Applause Test Automation include:
* Test Case Writing: Applause works with companies to create custom test scenarios that represent real-world user experiences. Applause test case writers create the manual test cases or modify existing scenarios to ensure they can be automated.
* Test Script Development: Applause automation engineers develop automated scripts and custom object layer, resulting in an automation implementation that's quick to deploy and easy to maintain.
* Test Script Maintenance and Execution: Even small application changes can require changes to automation scripts. With Applause, automation script failures are reviewed and corrected by members of the global Applause QA community, and we notify immediately if any bugs are discovered.
* Real Devices in the Cloud: The Applause device clouds, created in collaboration with Testdroid, provide and maintain the infrastructure in the US and in the EU, so customers don't have any incremental investment.
* Automation Team: A full team of Applause automation engineers and test case creators, responsible for all technical aspects of the project.

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