Swagger Tools Supporting 2.0 Specification Released by SmartBear

Date 2015/6/11 8:40:41 | Topic: Product News

SmartBear Software has released an update to the core suite of open source tools for Swagger that delivers broad support for the latest Swagger 2.0 Specification. Earlier this year, SmartBear acquired the Swagger API open source project, the leading API description format used by developers in almost every modern programming language and deployment environment to design and deliver APIs that fuel IoT, microservices and mobile applications in the connected world.
“Thanks to contributions from community members and SmartBear’s investment in a dedicated development team for Swagger, we are thrilled to release an official set of the core Swagger tools in line with the 2.0 version of the Swagger Specification,” said Ole Lensmar, CTO at SmartBear. “This release greatly improves the Swagger onboarding experience for new users to the Swagger ecosystem, as well as it provides experienced Swagger users with tools to adopt the 2.0 Specification in their API development and production workflows.”

Key enhancements to the tools include automatic conversion from older versions to the 2.0 version to ease migration for existing users, broadened language support to improve Swaggers availability on both legacy and contemporary technical platforms, a smaller footprint of the core code libraries to make integration in enterprise systems more feasible and online versions of the core validation and code-generation tools. 

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