Apiary Expands API Development Platform With API Testing for Continuous Integration

Date 2015/8/19 6:48:43 | Topic: Product News

Apiary, the company that makes application programming interface (API) development simple and collaborative, has unveiled a new API testing service, a part of its API development platform, that enables developers to continuously verify local code changes alongside production implementation. The new testing service is the first of its kind to provide a single destination for continuous API testing in the development process, eliminating the manual creation of verification tests and reducing the time and resources spent managing external testing applications. The company also announced today that it has completed a $6.8 million Series A round of funding.
The HTTP testing framework for APIs, previously nicknamed "Dredd," started as a sponsored open-source project on GitHub before overwhelming positive feedback and demand from API developers around the world led to its complete integration into Apiary's collaborative API development platform. The new testing service enables users to test API specifications with the backend implementation from their local environment as well as within Continuous Integration, a testing framework for local development. Until today, local development testing with Continuous Integration for API specification has been a tedious multi-step process requiring knowledge of command line tools and service integration, forcing developers to write the tests manually, resulting in at least one line of code for each key. The new testing integration automatically and dynamically tests everything in API Blueprint against the implementation to ensure maximum efficacy.

"Software developers struggle to create robust APIs that enable the seamless, efficient sharing of data and information between software applications. As businesses around the world increasingly rely on APIs to connect information systems, it is critically important to ensure quality -- a faulty, buggy API or an improper integration can break vital information links between software, resulting in lost users or business," said Jakub Nesetril, cofounder and CEO of Apiary. "Apiary's new testing service -- which has been used and iterated upon by the open source community over the past year -- changes the way developers create APIs by enabling them to test API fidelity and reliability in live environments in real-time. As a result, API developers can ensure that APIs will work properly the first time, every time."

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