Ranorex 5.4.1 with Firefox 40 Support

Date 2015/8/31 6:46:33 | Topic: Product News

Ranorex has released Ranorex 5.4.1 with support for Firefox 40 and other minor improvements. This version build on the improvements of version 5.4 that added native support for Java SWT, JavaFx (version 2.0 and higher) and Windows Apps in Windows 10.

General changes and new features in Ranorex 5.4.1

* Added support for Firefox 40
* The report now signals modules with errors using an error icon
* Spy now allows canceling the element tree UI update (useful when a search results into many elements being found)
* The test progress window opacity can now be set (using the ProgressForm.Instance.SetOpacity(int) method)
* Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.0.1
* Added support for Qt 4.6/4.7 x64-msvc
* Changed the behavior of links on the Ranorex Studio start page to open with the system's default browser

About Ranorex

Ranorex is a software development company that provides innovative software testing solutions to hundreds of companies and education institutions around the world. Ranorex provides a comprehensive range of tools for the software automation. Visit http://www.ranorex.com/

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