Gallop Unveils Automated Tool for UFT to LeanFT Migration

Date 2015/9/8 7:17:03 | Topic: Product News

Gallop Solutions announced the launch of world’s first automated migration solution, QuickLean, for migrating test assets from HP UFT to LeanFT. As HP announced LeanFT, the latest and advanced lightweight functional test automation solution to aid organization’s Agile and DevOps journey, QuickLean ensures a seamless and smooth migration of test assets from any version of QTP/UFT to LeanFT.
“LeanFT offers easy integration with standard development IDE’s, test authoring in modern programming languages and natural integration with Dev and QA ecosystems. Organizations looking to leverage LeanFT for agile development would find QuickLean reducing migration time from UFT to LeanFT by over 80%”, said Sairam Vedam, Associate VP, Marketing at Gallop Solutions. “We have been HP Partners for over 10 years and have served clients using HP Software with our differentiated software testing, migration and implementation services. Investing in building QuickLean is a reaffirmation of our commitment to serve HP customers.” he added.

QuickLean comprises of a full-fledged source file translator that converts UFT scripts to the target LeanFT scripts (C# & Java). Reusable packaged libraries in QuickLean become a natural addition to HP LeanFT’s ecosystem, providing visual & application model based object repository, run-time linker and translation library that maps UFT programming interfaces to corresponding LeanFT objects and methods.

“Enterprises and ISVs are gearing up to agile development methodology to release products and applications faster with increased focus on quality. LeanFT has been built by HP to specifically help achieve this. QuickLean by Gallop Solutions makes it easier to move, migrate and take advantage of HP’s latest and advanced lightweight functional test automation solution, LeanFT, designed for DevOps & Agile environments.” said Kalyana Rao Konda, President, Gallop Solutions. “At Gallop, we are confident that this migration solution will further drive HP LeanFT adoption, thus helping enterprises fundamentally transform how they build, deploy and test.” he added.

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