R Consortium Awards Grant to Advance R Programming Language

Date 2015/11/3 10:43:34 | Topic: Company News

The R Consortium, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and open source foundation to support the R user community, announced it is awarding its first grant to advance the infrastructure supporting the R programming language. Led by the R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC), the grant program provides financial support to projects that will address critical needs of the R user community.
The R Consortium ISC organized to provide technical oversight and recommendations for grants for projects that help the R user community. The ISC grant program is designed to broadly support the R community including software development; developing new, teaching materials; documenting best practices; promoting R to new audiences; and standardizing APIs or doing research.

The R Consortium's first grant is awarded to Gábor Csárdi, Ph.D., to implement R-Hub [https://github.com/r-hub/proposal], a new service for developing, building, testing and validating R packages. R-Hub will be complementary to both CRAN, the major repository for open source R packages, and R-Forge, the platform supporting R package developers. R-Hub will provide build services, continuous integration for R packages and a distribution mechanism for R package sources and binaries.

Goals for R-Hub include:
* simplify the R package development process: creating a package, building binaries and continuous integration, publishing, distributing and maintaining it;
* provide services free for all members of the community;
* encourage community contributions; and
* pre-test CRAN package submissions to ease burden on CRAN maintainers.

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