Altova Releases MobileTogether Version 2.0

Date 2015/11/10 9:11:17 | Topic: Product News

Altova has announced new features in the 2.0 release of MobileTogether, its paradigm shifting mobile development framework for multi-platform, data-centric apps. The 2.0 version of MobileTogether opens doors to a whole new market of developers who need to build customer-facing, cross platform native apps that mobilize essential business and data-centric processes.
The existing Instant Deployment process is still available, and is ideal for prototyping of apps as well as being well suited for in-house or enterprise apps. Developers simply deploy a completed app from MobileTogether Designer to MobileTogether Server. Users will have instant access to the app when they connect to your server using the universal MobileTogether Mobile App, which they download for free from their app store of choice. There is a native MobileTogether app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

The new option is AppStore deployment, which is ideal for customer facing apps or apps where strong brand recognition is desired. If a customer prefers to deploy a single app with a custom name, splash screen, and home screen logo, they can compile the code generated by MobileTogether (for one or all platforms) and submit it to the respective app store(s). This option still saves an incredible amount of time, because the developer only needs to create one app design in MobileTogether Designer.

Other New Features in MobileTogether 2.0:
* Support for additional back end data formats including: REST and SOAP Web services, JSON, and Firebird databases
* New MobileTogether Server licensing option allows customers to purchase per-core licenses for MobileTogether Server, in addition to purchasing per-device licenses. This enables customers to select the server licensing option that is best suited for their app deployment scenario.
* Parallel processing of multiple solutions allows users to run more than one solution at a time, enabling them to switch back and forth between them as needed.
* Signature/sample drawing control adds support for in-app signatures and simple drawings.
* Windows 10 support 

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