Cloud9 Releases Browser-Based IDE for Salesforce Developers

Date 2015/11/17 10:07:09 | Topic: Product News

Cloud9 has launched a fully featured, professional quality online IDE for Salesforce developers. Following Cloud9's high-profile exposure at Dreamforce, this launch is a step towards Cloud9's larger vision of dramatically improving the development experience by offering a more integrated and productive way to build applications in the cloud. Cloud9 received an investment from Salesforce Ventures that will be used towards further enhancing the developer experience by offering a more integrated and productive way to build applications entirely in the cloud.
Cloud9 for Salesforce is an intuitive, modern development environment for App Cloud, Salesforce's Platform-as-a-Service. By removing the need for time-consuming installation, configuration and updates, developers have instant access to everything they love about high-quality desktop editors with all the convenience, flexibility and power of the cloud. From language support and project sharing to live collaboration and workspace customization, Salesforce developers have a seamless, more productive experience developing for the cloud—entirely in the cloud.

With over 2.3 million developers and counting, the Salesforce developer community is one of the fastest  growing enterprise developer community worldwide. "From our perspective, the most exciting and immediate opportunity for software development today is to move to the cloud. We know that is not just possible, it's actually happening. And it's better," said Ruben Daniels, CEO and Founder of Cloud9.

Cloud9 is focused on this product being the first of many more enterprise level customizations that improve the developer experience. Based on the amount of time developers spend inside their IDE, Cloud9 saw a clear opportunity to turn the IDE into a useful hub that connects the many different cloud services. In the case of Salesforce, this includes Force and Heroku to start. Cloud9 also has integrations with development services such as GitHub and Atlassian's Bitbucket.

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