WaveMaker Delivers Hybrid Mobile Rapid App Development

Date 2015/12/17 8:07:37 | Topic: Product News

WaveMaker, a leading enterprise Rapid Application Development Platform software company, has announced the availability of hybrid mobile app development as part of its open standards-based Rapid App Development (RAD) platform. With the consumerization of IT, organizations of all sizes now have an acute and growing need to modernize and mobilize their application interfaces.

WaveMaker's Rapid App Development platform reduces the need for a large pool of deeply skilled front-end developers. WaveMaker's RAD platform already supports responsive front-end development that uses the web or mobile browser and now -- with the addition of hybrid mobile app development capabilities -- these apps can be installed on smart phones. These Hybrid Mobile Apps can also leverage device capabilities such as camera, geo-location, network, local file storage, etc.


As a result, organizations are able to:
* Make changes at the speed of business: zero-code hybrid mobile app development eases both development and maintenance of apps for smartphones
* Support multiple platforms and devices quickly and easily: IT can develop once and support multiple platforms and devices simply by switching themes, rather than rebuilding the app for each platform or device
* Empower functional teams with limited front-end development skills to build modern UI for mobile devices
* Simplify packaging such apps in-house using the integrated cross-platform installer builder (based on Apache Cordova), instead of sending apps to a remote site mainly for packaging

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