Neotys Pioneers Continuous Performance Validation Across the Application Lifecycle

Date 2016/2/2 7:55:45 | Topic: Product News

Neotys has announced the world's first Continuous Performance Validation solution for load testing and performance monitoring across the entire application lifecycle. "Performance testing is not a one­-time event," states Theresa Lanowitz, Industry Technology Analyst, Voke. "It should be conducted as much as possible throughout the software lifecycle. This testing includes application component testing (pre­-GUI API or Web Services), system­-wide application tests, and proactive monitoring in production."
"The realities of modern application development include complex apps with multiple interfaces (web, mobile, API, IoT, etc.) and extreme time pressure to release high performing apps with new features that delight users," said Thibaud Bussière, President, Neotys. "With shortened development, build and deployment cycles, we had to find a way to allow performance testing and monitoring to keep pace. The reuse of testing and monitoring assets from component testing to system-­wide testing and even into production monitoring became the clear solution, and our products now make it possible to do just that."

The Neotys Continuous Performance Validation solution consists of the following:
* NeoLoad for load and performance testing
* NeoSense for 24x7 synthetic monitoring
* Neotys Team Server for collaboration and shared licences
* Integrations:
** Continuous Integration servers for automated testing
** Functional testing tools for end user experience metrics
** APM tools for code-­level diagnostics
** Infrastructure monitoring dashboards for a centralized view
** Open APIs for custom integrations

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