agileMantis - Scrum Plugin for Mantis Bug Tracking Tool

Date 2016/2/4 8:27:15 | Topic: Presentations

Scrum is one of the most popular and ongoing models for Agile software development. agileMantis is an open source plugin that extends the open source bug tracking system MantisBT with Scrum. agileMantis is designed to bring all Scrum Artefacts and organizational topics to the users of MantisBT. MantisBT is a pure open source bug tracking tool. If a MantisBT user wants to switch to Scrum, the only thing to do is to plug in agileMantis. All existing MantisBT data can then be integrated in the Scrum process. The agileMantis plugin manages all Scrum information and MantisBT data sets are never altered.


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