Rapise 4.0 Released - Integration with Selenium, Support for Safari, Opera and Enhanced Mobile Testing

Date 2016/3/1 6:59:30 | Topic: Product News

Inflectra has announced the release of Rapise 4.0, the latest version of our powerful automated testing system. The latest version of Rapise includes full integration with Selenium WebDriver, the ability to playback tests through all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera), and support for enhanced mobile device testing on Android and iOS devices.
New Features

* Integration of Selenium WebDriver to allow both Selenium and object-based tests
* Support for running web tests on Safari and Opera web browsers in addition to current browsers
* Adoption of ARIA based testing attributes to allow ‘smart-learning’ of compound web objects/controls
* Ability to send mobile events and gestures to devices during test recording


* Allow user to configure the XPATH pattern used for recording HTML tests
* Browser Profile manager
* Add function for determining the selected item(s) in a multi-select list
* Add option to Web Settings to use Unversal XPath Generator.
* Allow user to use Array.prototype extensions

About Inflectra

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