SmartBear Delivers RepreZenís New RAPID-ML Plugin for Ready! API

Date 2016/4/5 11:26:35 | Topic: Product News

SmartBear Software has delivered the RAPID-ML Plugin for Ready! API which allows SmartBear’s Ready! API to test and virtualize API models created by RepreZen API Studio. Developers can import RAPID-ML open format models directly into Ready! API for complete functional testing, load testing, security testing and API virtualization. Developers can also generate an API model in RAPID-ML from any REST API already described in Ready! API for subsequent editing, documentation, visualization and code generation in RepreZen API Studio.
“By unifying data representation across APIs, RAPID-ML enables deep interoperability, a critical but often overlooked aspect of API design quality,” said Ted Epstein, CEO of RepreZen. “With the RAPID-ML Plugin for Ready! API, SmartBear’s state-of-the-art functional testing, load testing, security testing and virtualization are now available to the RAPID-ML community. Developers can build quality into every phase of the API lifecycle, from data modeling, to API design, to QA test automation.”

RepreZen API Studio is an enterprise-class modeling environment for APIs described in Swagger-OpenAPI and RAPID-ML formats. RAPID-ML includes an intuitive, technology-neutral schema language to specify shared data types and adapt them dynamically for optimal representation in APIs. API Studio also includes an example-driven mock service, sandbox testing and a powerful code generation framework.

“Working with partners like RepreZen further enhances our ability to meet the broader needs of our customers while staying focused on our own API quality and delivery tools,” said John Purcell, Vice President of Products, API Readiness at SmartBear. “With this plugin for Ready! API, changes in data models and representational APIs built with RepreZen technology can be checked for customer data contract consistency, functional and regression issues, and performance characteristics under heavy traffic conditions.”

Ready! API is a unified set of testing tools that includes SoapUI NG for functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro for load testing, ServiceV Pro for API service virtualization and Secure Pro for dynamic API security testing.

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