Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2 Released

Date 2016/4/19 9:04:49 | Topic: Product News

Percona, the company that delivers enterprise-class MySQL® and MongoDB® solutions and services, today announced Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2, the latest release of the company's enhanced, open source, fully compatible drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition. Released approximately one year after Percona's acquisition of Tokutek and six months after the initial release of Percona Server for MongoDB, the latest version keeps pace with the development of MongoDB while continuing to provide more features, enhanced capabilities and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Percona Server for MongoDB has been downloaded by over 30,000 users since its initial launch. Trusted by more than 3,000 companies, with industry-leading renewal rates of more than 90 percent, as a one-stop shop for the open source database ecosystem, Percona Support and Remote DBA services offer organizations a cost-effective way to maximize application performance while streamlining database efficiencies by gaining immediate access to the most trusted team of open source database experts in the business.

Completely open source and free to download and use, Percona Server for MongoDB offers all the features of MongoDB 3.2 Community Edition, along with two additional storage engines -- PerconaFT and Facebook's MongoRocks -- and enterprise-grade functionality, including Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) and advanced auditing. These additional capabilities provide enterprises with far greater flexibility for managing their database infrastructures.

* As an enhanced drop-in replacement for MongoDB 3.2, Percona Server for MongoDB includes all the features and benefits of MongoDB 3.2 Community Edition.
* Percona Server for MongoDB includes the storage engines distributed with MongoDB -- MMAP v1 and WiredTiger -- as well as two storage engine options not supported by MongoDB: PerconaFT and Facebook's MongoRocks.
* Only Percona offers 24x7x365 live support for these enhanced features.
* Percona offers Remote DBA for MongoDB, providing architecture and design advice, project assistance and outsourcing, database tuning and performance optimization, and 24x7 monitoring and alert response tailored to a customer's specific environment.
* Percona Server for MongoDB is 100 percent open source and free to download and use, enabling organizations to avoid vendor lock-in through open source enterprise extensions. This non-proprietary technology and open distribution model is based on the same open source license used for MongoDB 3.2 Community Edition.

Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2 will be available in May of 2016. A release candidate is available now and can be downloaded from the Percona website. 

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