Contrast Brings Security to Node.js

Date 2016/4/19 9:22:46 | Topic: Product News

Contrast Security, the next generation leader in finding vulnerabilities and blocking attacks on software applications, announced the availability of Contrast Enterprise for Node.js, the highly popular server-side JavaScript runtime environment. Contrast is the only application security product that enables companies using Node.js to accurately find and remediate security vulnerabilities in real-time. Contrast achieves this without disrupting software development processes, and without having to involve application security experts.
Node.js has been gaining traction with developers and businesses over the past several years because of its high performance, suitability for interactive applications, active developer community and the widespread use of JavaScript. Companies publicly talking about their Node.js development efforts include Groupon, Netflix, PayPal, Uber and Walmart. However, with more and more businesses running on Node.js, application vulnerabilities can represent a threat to the entire organization.

Contrast Enterprise is the perfect match for Node.js:
* Industry-leading accuracy means developers don't have to burn cycles chasing false alarms
* Continuous operation throughout the Agile development process means no security scans or waiting for results
* Deep security instrumentation identifies vulnerabilities across Node.js deployments including APIs, microservices, containers and libraries, which are vital to the evolving Node.js community

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