RethinkDB Creates Horizon Software Development Platform

Date 2016/5/19 11:13:40 | Topic: Product News

RethinkDB is announcing that it has created Horizon, a brand new JavaScript application platform, specifically designed for agile teams or enterprises building and running real-time web, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.
Horizon's easy-to-use, fully-integrated and customizable backend pairs open-source Node.js middleware with the RethinkDB database, providing all the commercial-strength tools and libraries necessary for front-end developers to begin immediately building and running their applications. Horizon provides the freedom to host data locally or to any cloud.

Dramatically reducing time to market, a company that might otherwise take six months to put a new application into production would take two to three months using Horizon. Horizon users always maintain control over their data and applications, so they can avoid the major tradeoffs of working with popular backend-as-a-service providers. And, because it is built on RethinkDB's unique real-time push architecture, developers can continue to add features and complexity to their Horizon apps without running into the performance and scalability issues inherent to platforms built upon databases that have to poll for updates.
Based on feedback from over 137,000 RethinkDB users, Horizon was created to address the top challenges for developers, operations and senior management. RethinkDB is currently being used across the government, health and medicine, engineering and sciences, industrials, retail, finance and technology sectors. Institutions and companies with RethinkDB apps in production include NASA, gaming developer CMUNE, and Fortune 500 corporations including one of America's largest mutual funds.

Developers can learn how to download and install the Horizon framework by visiting the landing page: 

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