Eclipse Ships Neon Release

Date 2016/6/22 22:53:58 | Topic: Product News

The Eclipse Foundation is proud to announce the availability of the Neon release, the annual release train from the Eclipse community. This is the eleventh year the Eclipse community has shipped a coordinated release of multiple Eclipse projects. There are 84 projects in the Neon release, consisting of over 69 million lines of code, with contribution by 779 developers, 331 of whom are Eclipse committers. Each release train is a collective accomplishment wherein the community has planned, developed, and delivered a scheduled, coordinated release that allows users and adopters to update their Eclipse technology in one instance.
“It takes a great amount of coordination and effort by many developers within our community to ship a release that is on-time,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Extending congratulations to all of the Eclipse committers, projects, and Foundation staff that made Neon possible, ensuring we remain a well adopted and trusted supplier of Open Source Technology.”

Key Highlights of Neon Release
* Eclipse JSDT 2.0:New tools for JavaScript developers, including a JSON editor, support for Grunt/Gulp and a new Chromium V8 Debugger.
* Platform and JDT Features: Key Eclipse Platform improvements are HiDPI support and autosave. JDT's Content Assist now highlights matched characters and provides substring completion.
* Updated PHP Development Tools Package (PDT): New Eclipse PDT 4.0 release for PHP developers with complete support for PHP 7 and improved performance.
* Automated Error Reporting (AERI): The Eclipse Automated Error Reporting client can now be integrated into any third-party Eclipse plug-in or standalone RCP application.
* Docker Tooling: Introducing improved support for Docker Tooling.
* Eclipse User Storage Service (USS): Introducing the Eclipse USS, a new storage service from the Eclipse Foundation, that allows projects to store and retrieve user data and preferences from our servers creating a better User Experience (UX) for developers.
* New Projects: Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle (first prime release), EGerrit, Paho, Andmore - Eclipse Android Tooling, EMF Parsley and Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry.

To promote the Neon release, the Eclipse Foundation has also produced a 7-day Neon webinar series that is led by experts, to encourage discussion on the new features and projects within the Neon release. For more information please visit

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