Watai - Integration Testing for Web Applications and Components

Date 2017/2/14 9:01:33 | Topic: Presentations

Watai (Web Application Testing Automation Infrastructure) is an open-source, declarative full-stack web testing framework. It is both a test runner engine and a set of architectural patterns that help front-end ops-conscious developers create maintainable and solid end-to-end tests. These tests are written as text files that simply describe the components of the application and how the user is expected to interact with them. Watai uses them to automate web application navigation through actual browsers, checking whether such interactions present the expected information to the end users along the way, including through asynchronous operations. This allows automating demonstration of features, detecting regressions when updating code and, since the same tests can be run in almost any browser, easily checking cross-browser functional support.


Read the complete presentation on  http://www.methodsandtools.com/tools/watai.php

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