DBmaestro Now Provides Database DevSecOps

Date 2017/3/1 10:52:23 | Topic: Product News

DBmaestro, the pioneer and leading DevOps for database solution provider, today announced new capabilities to enforce DevOps organizational policy, by strictly monitoring and controlling the database environment. The new DevSecOps component, Policy Control Manager, eliminates the risk of exposing the database to critical errors which can lead to downtime and the loss of data.
DevSecOps integrates security measures into its automated development and deployment philosophy, as security has and will always be an integral part of the software product life cycle. DevSecOps opens the door for a more dynamic and secure way of managing infrastructure and automated deployment, maximizing risk management, prevention, flexibility, speed and time to market.

The transition to Agile development by enterprises has led to a dramatic increase in the numbers of releases and development cycles. It has also intensified the challenges of controlling, tracking and auditing changes to the application and database. While existing solutions address these needs for code, the database, which is the next major asset in the supply chain, is sometimes ignored. Dealing with the databases also provides additional complications due to the nature of its critical data, and because any downtime can prove disastrous.

DBmaestro has stood out as a leader in automating DevOps for the database and continuous integration and delivery. The new capabilities of DBmaestro's Policy Control Manager allow DevOps and security managers to easily create a set of policies for all release packages, regardless of their source.

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