ActiveState Releases ActiveGo Beta for the Go Programming Language

Date 2017/3/23 9:17:54 | Topic: Product News

ActiveState, the open source languages company, today announced the beta release of their new commercially supported Golang distribution, ActiveGo. ActiveGo beta is based on the most recent version of Go (v1.8) and comes pre-bundled and pre-compiled with some of the most popular Go community packages and developer tools.
The ActiveGo distribution makes it easier for enterprises to develop in Go. Pre-bundled with packages that are essential for any enterprise Go developer, ActiveGo supports Big Data as well as popular relational database connectors such as postgresQL and MySQL, testing and code quality packages, and error handling. In addition, for developers who are focussing on web development, microservices or other cloud-native development projects, the distribution includes packages for API building, web applications, and SDKs for AWS and Google App Engine.

"Go is a powerful language that offers developers the built in concurrency and ease of deployment you want in a modern language," said Jeff Rouse, Director of Product Management, ActiveState. "With other languages, the traditional trade-off has been fast development, but slower runtime and complex deployments. By using Go, enterprise developers get the best of both worlds -- fast development with the runtime speeds similar to C++ or Java that can be deployed in a single executable. We believe that by offering the best enterprise-grade packages, support and developer tools, we make it easier for companies to adopt Go in their projects. We look forward to receiving feedback on ActiveGo as we move towards our full release in the second quarter."

Included in the ActiveGo beta distribution are important core language sub-repository packages, which are part of the Go Project, but outside the main Go tree. Since these are bundled with ActiveGo, developers get all of these packages in the distribution along with documentation -- saving time and effort. In addition, ActiveGo includes valuable tools for developers such as a debugger, linter, and packages to support integrations with integrated development environments like Komodo IDE.

"We realize that Go is a language that developers and development managers alike have wanted to start using in their projects more -- whether it's to take advantage of the speed or the easy learning curve of the language. However, due to security or compliance issues, they have been unable to easily adopt the language," said Bart Copeland, ActiveState CEO. "With ActiveGo, we've pre-bundled popular packages, so it's enterprise ready out-of-the-box for their developers, meeting the security and support requirements of their organization."

ActiveState is encouraging feedback from the community to help shape the ActiveGo distribution and increase adoption of the Go language worldwide. Currently, ActiveGo beta is available on Windows, with support for Linux and Mac OS coming in the next release. Learn more and download a copy of ActiveGo Beta here:

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